I have been journaling off & on since at least high school. I don’t remember exactly when, but I got really into Moleskine & Clairfontaine journals and various types of pens – fountain pens, Pigma Microns, sepia inks, etc etc. That’s when I started taking journaling workshops, because I wanted to start sketch journaling, with watercolor & inks. I learned how to make my own journals & handmade books with various types of binding. I did some collage and took sketch journaling and mail art classes at San Francisco Center for the Book.

I would start and stop my creative work, over and over. I kept trying to learn to draw, and got overwhelmed and discouraged when I struggled with perspective. And my day job and need for a regular paycheck interfered with my art pursuits. It’s the usual slog that most artists face.

Now: I’ve been cultivating and nurturing my creative journal practice (that is process, not product). I wanted to take this journaling obsession to the next step – encouraging other creative souls to dive in and showing them how. I’m currently a “Guidess-in-training” to teach creativity journaling with Lisa Sonora’s process. More to come…

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