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Corrie, Your Alcatraz rings with echoes of silence...your portraits, stunning. Keep up your good work and thanks for supporting me to get my feet wet. Fond regards, Donna
Donna Guenther <dguenther@mindspring.com>
Richmond, CA USA - Monday, December 06, 2004 at 17:00:24 (MST)

Hej Katherine I just got your adress from your mother and I wanted to see your home page at once, it is very impressive. It is nice to have an E-mail adress to communicate with since that makes it much easier. I am fine and so is my family. I will return later with a real mail. best regards Ole
Ole Rye Jensen <ryejensen@adslhome.dk>
Roskilde, Denmark - Friday, January 24, 2003 at 11:16:32 (MST)
Just a note from a person developing an interest in B&W: I really enjoyed your Alcatraz collection. Your photos really conveyed the solitude of Alcatraz which I experienced during my short visit. Too bad they don't open those exclusive places to the general public--I'm sure there are so many more nooks & crannys to explore. I also identified with your statement--"...fascinated with the themes of place ...the passage of time, looking at the forbidden and forgotten..." I am also facinated with these. Have you ever considered travelling the "backroads" of some southern states (VA, SC, NC, GA, etc)? There are wonderful abandoned buildings left standing, for who knows how long, that the land seems to have reclaimed--overgrown with vines, etc. Some great lines for b&w--slanting roofs and old clapboards, etc. These old buildings facinate me. To think, happy families or sad families once lived there. Have you done a series with this theme? I also noticed that you had participated in a workshop in Santa Fe. Do you have any of your work posted from this time period? Risa
Risa Gomez <risag143@aol.com>
US - Tuesday, August 21, 2001 at 20:01:13 (MDT)